Founder Josh Lange Presents
"Secrets Of A Mega Successful Mobile Lemonade Stand Turned Concession Business Leader!

Discover How Just Squeezed Went From Lemonade To Ruling Coffee, Kettle Corn & A Handful Of Other Highly Profitable Concession Businesses That Allow Them To Work For Less Than Half The Year"

 Learn from industry leader Just Squeezed and founder Josh Lange, see how they have created a lifestyle of fun, money and freedom! They work 4 months and play for 8! This is the in depth look at how to cash in on the food and beverage “concession” business.  Join the revolution and become tomorrows new “concession stand” leaders!

UPDATE: Josh has created 6 concession business concepts FOR YOU, which models the exact success of his company, Just Squeezed Juice. Take a tour of possibility as Josh exposes his secrets and steps you through exactly how he started his company back in 1998 with $200 and has since grown to be the festival leader in Lemonade and his 5 other concession concepts. Join the revolution and become tomorrows new “concession business” success story!


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